16 thoughts on “Processed and Unprocessed

  1. I like the original better. I personally think the more muted tones of the water are more appealing. Nevertheless, if I saw the processed one by itself and first, I would not be put off by the brighter shades of green. And if one were going to frame the photo and hang it on a wall, the colors would need to complement the decor of the room, right? So, it depends!

    • Those are deep thoughts, thanks! The darker water is closest to what it actually looksm like. I seem to be over processing my photography so I’ve begun doing this a bit differently. Nice to see you back!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Ingrid, I appreciate you. One of my regulars suggested that I upload the original image too for comparisons. I agree, the processed image is much too green. 😊

  2. John, I had a difficult time to tell what image is the best. I like more the first one. The green in the first image is more subtle.

    • Hi Kaya, thank you for your thoughts on these two photos. Most of you prefer the original photos. Maybe I’m overprocessing my photos, eh?

  3. The water colour is more natural looking in the first and I think I like it better that way. Fun to play with, but I think I like the first better.

    • I thought you would say that, the water color is much closer to what it actually looks like in the unprocessed version. I am overdoing it!

      • Well, it’s fun to see the possibilities but it’s a personal choice. I like things to look as natural as possible but at times when the camera hasn’t been able to do that, maybe a little touchup will fix it.

          • Not necessarily. It’s just a personal preference whether you like the natural look or something artificial. That’s not to say that the worked over photo is no good. It just doesn’t appeal to everyone. I think these days, many people like the natural look but they also want it to look nice, so it’s a compromise.

    • Wow, thanks Derrick. That one is straight out of the Nikon except for a watermark and file size reduction. The color of the water in the original is very close to what it actually looks like.

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