The Biker Memorial

Yesterday in Downtown Summerlin I came across this memorial to five bikers that were killed by a careless motorist. Whether they all died at once together or separately I don’t know. Reading the seats and other parts of the bike was a sad thing, children of the deceased left their messages too. So very sad, isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “The Biker Memorial

  1. We invested a lot of money in separated bike lanes for more safety. We also had a lot of accidents with bikers in the past. So sad it still happens….

    • I agree, Kaya. It’s the same as someone riding a motorcycle, you’ve got no protection from a 4000lb bullet called a car. Or anything else. I owned a road bike many years ago, I sold it when a car almost hit me when I was in my twenties. Too many folk get killed or seriously injured in this city each year. Another reason to drive my big pickup truck.

    • It was sobering to read the messages. This also struck a chord with me because of the number of times I’ve had to dodge bicyclists along Charleston Boulevard outside of the city heading west.

      They cross the white line which separates the main lane from where the bikers should be. I’m very quick to blast them with the horn. Now, look at the photos above again. Frankly, I don’t believe that these people should be riding bikes out there. It’s bad enough in the city.

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