Coots and Turtles

I was wondering why there were so many coots all huddled together as I approached. Someone had put down something for the birds to eat which is very much against park rules, shame on them! But I did get some decent close-up photos via the Sony RX100 Mark7, the Nikon stayed home this trip. This little bugger works so well that I’m almost tempted to use it exclusively but that wouldn’t last. It was 70 degrees and breezy today and I felt cold!

8 thoughts on “Coots and Turtles

    • Thanks so much, Sue! There are so many different critters in this park, the type and numbers of birds is different each visit.

    • I agree, the stuff on the ground looked like cornmeal, or something the color of corn but very finely ground. Shame on these folks!

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