20 thoughts on “The Buddy System

  1. John, today I went again to our local pond and looked for turtles, we used to have them also but there weren’t turtles around. I wonder what happened to them.
    The turtles on your photo are so funny! Love them!

    • Thank you so much, Mike! I had to look that movie up, never seen it but the coincidence is real. I have a pet tortoise in the backyard, but he’s as fake as they get. There are desert tortoises in the desert outside of the city.

    • Really? I seems like you would have them near the coast too, I think your near the coast. Sister and I had them as pets when we were wee ones.

      • Yes, we had little ones (red-eared turtles) for pets, but the painted turtles are mostly in the interior. I looked it up just now and apparently there are a few on Vancouver Island, but they are endangered here (not that many of them) – and they seem to be in other parts of the island where I would not have come across them. But I know there are more in the interior of the province.

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