26 thoughts on “The Most Littered Items On Earth

  1. I especially agree with the fines. Both cigarette butts and masks are contaminated with germs. Who wants to be responsible for cleaning those up? The ignorant a-holes who toss them need to get a big fine to remind them of their responsibility to their fellow citizens and the earth.

      • I guess being a veteran of the US Army where lower ranks got stuck “policing” parade and company grounds for other people’s cigarette butts (“A-holes and elbows”), I learned one thing: there are people who think someone else will take care of their messes. I smoked back then, and once I reached a rank where I got out of that nonsense, I made sure I field stripped my butts so no one had to pick them up. (I smoked unfiltered cigarettes for that reason, too.)

  2. I hate people who trash our environment. They don’t care about others, they care only about themselves.
    It’s so unfortunate!!!

    • These people certainly don’t give a damn about keeping trash where it belongs, perhaps a huge fail on the part of the parent or parents. I may make a big deal out this, but it really grinds my gears! 🀬

    • I say that some folks are plain old pigs. No respect for their environment or themselves. As an ex smoker for many years now, the butts laying around make me mad, more so when I see someone toss it on the ground or out the window while driving. In my home state, there are mostly woods and farm fields, those fields catch fire every summer, possibly because of idiots tossing hot butts out the window! Grrr

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