There’s Plenty Of Traffic Today

Around ten this morning I’d had enough of the couch potato thing and headed out with no destination in mind. I ended up visiting the North Las Vegas Airport, much smaller than McCarran International airport. After wandering around in the building for a bit, I headed upstairs to the observation deck.

I’ve never visited this airport before, it’s a nice building and grounds. I have several iPhone photos from that location in the next post. They have a small restaurant upstairs too which I had a club sandwich and fries. Delicious! I’ll be back I told the nice lady who was my waitress. I found out that she is from Ohio.

I’m a very chatty guy and have no problem striking up conversations with anyone, stranger or not. It was interesting to find out that she too has had people here ask her if she is from the Midwest as I was asked a couple of days ago. Apparently, she and I have an accent that I’m not really aware of but the folks here can hear.

A creek is a crick, a window is a windah, and so on. Anyway, here are some random snaps from the ride today. Those pigeons are freaking crazy! I tossed a handful of seed out the windah and about 100 pigeons came at me like a squadron of fighter jets! One bird repeatedly hovered just outside the truck, I thought it was going to come inside.

I closed the window quickly before it came in and crapped all over my interior. Crazy critters… The flag was fluttering so perfectly that it demanded a nice crispy photo. The other photos are westbound views on Cheyenne road looking west. It’s such a beautiful day today with mid-70s, a nice breeze, and abundant sunshine.