Fully Vaccinated

Well, it is done. I received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday morning! How do I feel this early morning? I feel 100% great! My left arm is of course a bit sore where the needle went in, but other than that, no worries. The first dose made me feel extremely fatigued and gave me a terrible headache. Having both doses gives you an extra layer of protection but we must still wear the mask and carry hand sanitiser as usual. I always carry a small bottle in my pocket when out and about. I hope you’ll get your vaccine, my friends. The photo is not mine.

16 thoughts on “Fully Vaccinated

  1. I also am vaccinated, but continue to struggle with some health effects from the vaccine. When I feel discouraged, I think…still, this is better than being dead. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I hope the side effects will go away very soon, Sylvia. The sore spot where the needle went in my arm has finally gone, it was very swollen!

  2. I just read that those having had both vaccines will get lessoned mask rules soon like not having to wear them outside when alone on walks,etc… At least, it’s being discussed.
    Good for you on no side effects.

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