Hiding in The Mojave

Today is just too beautiful to sit around the house like a couch potato so I hit the road early today. I made a stop at my favorite camera shop on Sahara Avenue and picked up a nice bag perfectly sized for my Nikkor 24/200mm lens so that I can carry both lenses while shooting. I used both lenses today.

The traffic in town is rather heavy but not too bad in the open desert which was nice, the weekends are too busy out there for me.

I wanted to get some closeups of Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels but saw none in Calico Basin, so I went west a few more miles to the Red Rock Scenic Overlook where I did get a few photos of them but they were really zoomed in so I’ll see how those look when I get to them. I did capture a large black bird in flight, that will be interesting to see how they look too. Today has been another great day behind the lens!

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