Landing Gear Deployed

I snapped a half dozen photos of this large blackbird as it hovered in place, then descended gradually behind the bush. It’s amazing how the bird can literally hover since there was a nice northwest breeze blowing. The other three photos were way out of focus. I use manual focus, the Nikkor 24/200mm lens doesn’t focus as fast as I’d like.

The middle photo shows his landing gear deployed for touchdown! 😂❤️

8 thoughts on “Landing Gear Deployed

  1. They are beautiful photographs dear John, loved them. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. John, you captured this crow so beautifully. It’s so difficult to photograph these birds, they are very skittish. You did what I never could do; you captured the crow in action. Fantastic!!! I am jealous 🙂

    • Thanks very much, Kaya! I lead the bird, lens pointed just ahead of the bird and take multiple shots. Most of the photos were blurred, just these three made the cut. 😎

    • Thanks, Derrick! I wish the others had been in ficus. This bird kept bouncing up and down once it was on the ground. It may have been hunting the little lizards that run around really fast.

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