Rocket Coffee

Now here is a goofy set of photos rolled into one! I used Photoscape X to combine the photos. The coffee maker was photographed at a little restaurant at the North Las Vegas airport a couple of days ago, great food. The little rocket is just the thingy I use to blow the dust off of my Nikon and Nikkor lenses. Goofy! 🤪

Coffee is delicious!

4 thoughts on “Rocket Coffee

  1. I’d like to have that coffee pot. The one on top stays warm so 2 servers can each have a pot. (Old restaurant days). Nice action stop on the blower 😃

    • You guys must drink lots of coffee! But no decaf please, it’s like beer with no alcohol. That little squeeze thing does a fine job of getting dust off of the lenses, and the sensor which is fully exposed on this Nikon Z6 mirrorless body.

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