Straight From The iPhone

Several days ago I stopped by a local store that my cell carrier operates to have a look at the iPhone 12. I was impressed with the phone and camera but didn’t make the purchase since they are asking for a ridiculous sum of money for the phone. I don’t want to drop $1000.00 on a new phone that I really don’t need at that price.

I am intrigued by the new lenses and Lidar on the iPhone 12 but not enough to buy it, have a look at these photos that are directly out of my trusty old iPhone 10 except for the watermark and resizing the photo. Could you justify the cost of the iPhone 12 after looking at these photos? I could buy a new lens for my Nikon for $1000.00 dollars!

The top photo is a Pano view

9 thoughts on “Straight From The iPhone

    • Purple is a nice color!

      They offered me payments of $41 per month, I was gonna bite actually but their computer was acting up system-wide so the transaction never happened.

      I’m now glad that it didn’t. I think one grand is too steep.

  1. John, these are stunning photos, sharp and clear. If you didn’t mention that you took these photos with iPhone I would think that you used a very good quality lens.

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