The 2008 Canon Rebel XS

About four years ago my father gave me this Canon since he didn’t like it for whatever reason. Perhaps because it isn’t a point and shoot. The entire camera and lenses are in perfect condition as you can see. I’ve taken several photos with it around the house over the last several months but haven’t processed any of them to post here but what I see are photos that don’t look as good as the Nikon Z6 I’m using. Consider its age and that it’s not a mirrorless body either. This is one camera that I will never consider selling! Read more about this camera here.

4 thoughts on “The 2008 Canon Rebel XS

    • Indeed, a treasured item to keep! It does take some nice photos. I hope to fly home maybe next month, finally see my family!

  1. Aren’t you lucky to have this camera as a spare or an option to your other cameras. It looks small enough to be lightweight and handy but fancy enough to take great pictures.

    • It does take some nice photos, I haven’t processed any from the camera though.

      They look good on the camera’s screen.

      The camera was built to be very lightweight and that it is, it may weigh about 1/3 less than my Nikon Z6 mirrorless.

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