Yesterday’s Desert

Here are a few more clicks from yesterday a few miles west of Las Vegas. A few minutes ago, I sent an email to a tour company here in Las Vegas.

This company ferries tourists I assume into the desert to see the beauty of the Mojave. The driver of this Jeep was traveling around 35 to 45 miles per hour in a 50 mile per hour zone, mile after mile which caused a huge traffic backup.

Eventually, I and many others managed to pass this dipshit but not before taking some big chances trying to pass this idiot. As I [passed, I blasted the horn and let the bird fly. This is a very busy road regardless of being several miles west of the city.

I hope that in the future these idiots will get a real driver’s license, not the one they got from a Cracker Jack box. Sorry, thanks for letting me rant…

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Desert

    • I agree, Derrick. Sorry for the rant but the drivers in this area grind my gears. I’ll get over it haha!

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