Earth is a very rocky planet, some planets in our local system are nothing but gasses. I am grateful for my very rocky Mojave Desert with its neverending beauty. These photos are processed a bit differently than my usual look using the Aurora HDR application along with the Photoscape X application. They compliment each other nicely!

16 thoughts on “Rocks

  1. I am not familiar with these two softwares… The images are stunning, John! The details of rocky mountains are great!

    • Thank you, Ian. I had a look just now at the DXO software, I’ve never used it. It appears to be possibly a bit more advanced than what I use, just a guess. DXO isn’t cheap is it!

      • No its not cheap but it does a fantastic job. I also use Affinity Photo which is a photoshop replacement and not too expensive. But like they say, if it aint broke don’t fix it.

        • I totally believe in if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! I just looked at the Affinity software, it’s on sale at $25.00 US but it’s not for me. Anything Photoshop confuses me, a difficult learning curve.

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