Mountain Touches The Sky

These photos were captured on my way home this morning after purchasing my airline tickets for next month. It’s amazing how the airline industry has changed! Back in the late 1970s and 1980s, the airlines served actual hot food, not super salty bags of peanuts and pretzels and sugary cans of pop.

Covid has really messed things up even more and I’m surprised that many of the airlines are still in business. I had just two choices this morning – fly the regular hours I usually fly or take a red-eye flight that departs at 11PM local. I chose the red-eye flights because of the ludicrous price difference. The red-eye flight cost just $400 dollars.

The regular flight with much better flight times was a ludicrous $1700 dollars! No way man. I’ll lose a bit of sleep and deal with the three-hour time difference than pay that much money, stupid! On with this post…

6 thoughts on “Mountain Touches The Sky

    • Thanks, and I agree! The environment inside these aircraft seem like they would concentrate any virus that was onboard.

      I hope you guys are well and having fun new adventures. 😎

    • Thank you Anneli, I agree! It’s a mix of gray, blue and green here today as the sun pops out then hides behind the clouds. Peekaboo! 😂🌴🌞

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