Beautiful Sunshine

It’s back, those pesky clouds and low-pressure center have moved away to the east, returning our lovely sunshine to us. The horses seem to enjoy the sunshine too, those little cars are presumably loaded with tourists, I’ve seen the cars many times in this area, always following a lead car which is the van in one photo. The little birds are so cute but I don’t know which species they are. Up next are more photos of the cute Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels.

17 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunshine

  1. Interesting sets of cars. My guess is a tour? As one who has often been a tourist in the area I can definitely see the appeal to be in that bright sunshine with fabulous views.

    • Hi Sue, they are all the same sans the color. If they are from the northern tier states, then they will love our sunshine. There were about a dozen cars, I had stopped in place at the entrance to allow the lot of them to exit. These folks need a local like me to show them around!

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