Two Cuties

These cuties were photographed Thursday morning at Calico Basin. I would like to see the birds better illuminated, but can’t get them to look any better. They make me happy when they flit around!

13 thoughts on “Two Cuties

  1. Lovely shots, nice and sharp! With the dark patch on the face it makes it hard to pull out details unless you edit from Raw files. I’d suggest overexposing a stop or two or try to get them facing into the sun – probably not an easy task.

    • I admit that your skills are much better. I’ve gone through the settings a few times but need to be taught to use them better. Thanks! 😎

      • Don’t worry, I take my fair share of duds too, lol. Often a search on YouTube is a good place to start learning setting, chances are someone has shared their preferred setup. I usually watch a few from different people to get different perspectives and then find what works for me.

  2. I especially like these birds because they were hopping around my feet at a Starbucks in San Diego when I was there in December one year. It was such a treat to see them after I had left a cold winter behind at home and San Diego was warm and springlike.

    • The warmth is wonderful, isn’t it? These little sweeties are so happily jumping around looking for food. 🥰

    • Thanks, Sue!! There’s something about being near birds and the little squirrels, they are so energetic and adorable! They were actually running across my shoes! 🥰

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