Cuteness On My Shoes

Yesterday I got my fix of these darling little critters again at Calico Basin. Sometimes I wonder how these squirrels are doing when I’m at home, is that weird? This visit, I had less than a handful of peanuts for them, I should use seeds though. They were actually running across my shoes, then stop and sit up on their haunches to look up at me, so adorable! And so trusting too. Lots of birds came running too including two California Quail. The quail would snag a nut then very quickly run under a bush to eat its reward. These birds have a fun-sounding set of sounds.

16 thoughts on “Cuteness On My Shoes

    • Thank you so much! There is a ‘show’ here in Vegas called Chip and Dales or something like that, it’s a group of male strippers. Gross…

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