Thin-Sliced Chicken

I love thin-sliced chicken breast since it cooks quickly and has great flavor. Among my seasonings are paprika, such a nice smokey flavor! This made a delicious, simple breakfast today with a bit of my chili on top. Mmmm. 🤩

12 thoughts on “Thin-Sliced Chicken

  1. I was dead chuffed the other day by creating a cheap and easy pasta dish using a couple of left-over sausages in which one of the flavours were fennel seeds. Email for the full recipe 🙂 (more highly amused emojis needed).

    • Sounds interesting to me with the sausage. I like several seasonings on the chicken, trusty old paprika gives it a slightly smokey flavor. I had to look the fennel seeds up, not familiar with them but they sound like something I will try. Thanks for your ‘foodie’ thoughts, Mike! 😎

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