Remember and Honour

I want to properly address this very special day in the United States, let us always remember and honour those who gave their lives in service to their country. Those who make possible the freedoms we enjoy today. Also, thank you, currently serving military men and women, I honour and respect you deeply.

Sorta Sunset

Sorta kinda like a sunset? Small rain squalls were in the area late yesterday but no rain fell at my place. I hope this monsoon season will actually deliver some serious rain that could possibly help Lake Mead gain some depth.

To my American friends, I wish you a blessed Memorial Day, let us remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and country. 🇺🇸🙏🏻

Like An Alien

If you are a science fiction movie lover like I am, then you may see the relevance of this photo to the Alien movie series which was created in the 1980s. that series is still one of my favorite science fiction movies. There were no slimy monsters around though when I took this photo probably at least two years ago.

Do you remember the little girl the team found in the second movie that was called Newt? She’s still around and does autographs for her fans after these many years. I found her on Instagram and followed her but she doesn’t look like a newt these days! The character Newt was played by Carrie Henn.

A Tranquil Lake

There is only the tiniest breeze so far today which leaves this attractive manmade lake looking almost like a sheet of glass. The lake is small and no powerboats are allowed, only electrically powered boats. This would be perfect for people who enjoy model sailboating but I’ve not seen any on the other nearby lakes. I hope your weekend is good!

Palm Tree Pruning: Finished

Well, I finished the tree off this morning very early before the heat gets to the forecast of 95 degrees today. I barely cracked a sweat too but my hands and feet are a bit sore from the constant squeezing of the shears and standing in one spot too long. But it’s worth it, I still need to clean the ground up a bit more at the base of the tree though.

That’s about all of the excitement from my place this holiday weekend since my family is back in Michigan. I may make one more trip up there before this summer is over before our family Christmas in December!

Two New Cigarette Butts

I snapped this iPhone photo today, since my last upload of the new cigarette butts, I’ve seen two other masks in parking lots or sidewalks. Why, people? I used to smoke but quit in 2002 due to heart disease. Today, we have the new cigarette butt thanks to Covid. If those masks have been used then… You best use your gray matter.

Happy Peanuts

Here are a few photos that you may remember, something happy from our past. Wishing my American friends a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy, and remember those who paid the ultimate price for your freedom.