Just Like My Daughter

As a man, I don’t fully understand the huge affinity that young women and women have for horses. I like them for their beauty, great strength, and graceful moves. They are so much work though as I remember from years ago when my folks had a home in northern Michigan and kept two horses. One of them scared the shit outta me!

I was a complete noob at it as I am today, the horse reared way up and nearly tossed my 21-year-old butt on the ground. Nope, this isn’t for me! Real horsepower comes from pistons and crankshafts, right? Yep! The girls riding the horses across the dirt lot are different girls than those behind the horse in the arena behind the brown horse.

When my daughter was very young, she was always fascinated with horses as she is today and rides four times per week. Not too long ago, she asked me to purchase a horse for her which I would gladly do for her, but horses aren’t cheap just like cars. I didn’t like refusing her request but it is what it is. Perhaps someday I can do this for her!

The landscape photos are just for good measure… 🌴🌞

10 thoughts on “Just Like My Daughter

  1. I had a pony, then horse as a young person. They are a lot of work and expense, but worth it in terms of the bond between human and horse, and they are excellent teachers. A man who loved horse and you might find interesting is Buck Brannaman, the horse whisperer. I saw a documentary on him. He was the inspiration for and the leading consultant for the movie The Horse Whisperer, starring Robert Redford.

    • Good morning, Lavinia. Thanks for the link, a very interesting man! He sure could help me feel better about being near horses. ❤️

  2. John, when I am in the country I always photograph horses, just for myself but I never was around these animals. I admire your daughter who rides horses a few times per week. When I see someone is riding a horse I watch him/her for a long time. And I fell in love with brown beauty on the first photo!!!

  3. That paint in the first photo has nice color. Nice trophy saddle too. John, it’s too bad you got so spooked when that horse reared. I got thrown off the saddle my first time when I was 5 or 6 and I was fortunate that our family’s trainer made me get back on. And have you ever wondered how engine power would be measured if John Watt had not calculated draft horse compared to steam engine ?

    • Than ks so much, guys! I don’t know who’s commenting. I’m no expert but the horse looked very healthy and well maintained too. It’s tail was a very long braid, and I noticed the saddle with the awards stamped in the leather too.

      There were two very young girls riding the horses, I’m glad they stayed behind the horse because of this.

      I asked permission for the photo of course! I’ve read about John Watt before, I suppose he could have used dog power or ox power!

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