Your Morning Smile

Good happy morning from sunny Las Vegas. I hope this tiny cutie brings a smile to your lovely face today! Well, it’s another great day in the valley but the damn wind is once again relentless which is making it very difficult for my painter to work on the exterior paint. It’s day two of battling the winds.

As I write this, he is managing to get the east and south sides of the home painted since there is less wind on those sides. However, the south and west sides still need paint as does the chimney. It’s a bummer for him and his helper/wife, I’m sure they want to be paid, and I would like to see out of my windows again!

The 1.82mm plastic covering makes this a bit difficult. Damn wind!!

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    • Thanks, I agree! Their northern range goes to Utah if I remember correctly and well south into the lower area of the Mojave Desert. I’m not sure if they also live in the Sonoran Desert where Phoenix is.

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