What Is This?

My buddy back in Michigan sent me this cool antique something video yesterday, I have no idea what it is, nor did he. I sent the video to my dad, he probably knows what it is. I tossed a couple other items in this post, how about that forecast? It clearly shows that the scorching Vegas summer heat is well on its way back to us. And it’s day three of wind, wind, and more wind, Las Vegas is easily the windiest place that I have ever lived, it’s almost relentless!

10 thoughts on “What Is This?

    • Most comments seem to lean toward old farm machines, I agree. Just keep yourself away from the exposed crankshaft and rods!

  1. What is it? There are 3 different engines (3rd one is out of site to the right except the white flywheel visible) all sitting on a trailer. I’ve seen this type of display many times at antique tractor and engine shows.

      • They were used for any machinery that could be powered via belt, and many folks these days use them for log splitters, well pumps or any thing you can run with a belt drive. I’ve seen some clever set ups in the past. One I really liked was an ice cream churn.

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