Not Worth The Ride

This morning I headed for Floyd Lamb Park anticipating capturing a few nice bird photos but all I saw were Canadian Geese and a few Coots. Ho Hum. So I snapped a photo of one of the ponds and headed out of the park. There was a gathering of antique car enthusiasts in the parking area, I had a quick chat with them. In any case, the weather is lovely today with the ridiculous three-day windstorm done with. Sunny and 90F today!

8 thoughts on “Not Worth The Ride

    • Thank you so much! It’s a peaceful park during the weekdays. Very busy on the weekends which is why I don’t go then.

    • Hi James, thanks very much! Soon that 90F will become 115F… Desert living isn’t for everyone. 🌞🌴🔥

        • Thanks so much, James. If you were to walk out of the terminal at McCarran airport, the extreme dry and heat would slap you in the face haha! It takes time to acclimate to the heat in my experience, even then it’s dangerous.

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