Fourteen Goslings?

That’s how many I could count in one photo, these geese parents are very good at procreation! I was on the way to the bank and saw this goose family sitting right on the edge of the main roadway and was concerned for the babies. I’m happy to report that on the way back home, the geese were all gone, no squished goslings were seen…

The lawn poop squad has some new members!

11 thoughts on “Fourteen Goslings?

  1. That’s so sweet that you saw so many goslings! I love your comment about the lawn poop squad! Geese just crap everywhere!

    • That comment comes from growing up on a lake in Michigan. stepping in good shit isn’t cool, I must have done that 100 times back then! Then came the dog which was very good at running them back into the lake!

      • Ugh! I hear you! Have you seen Fly Away Home? Goose shit is a funny moment there!

    • So sweet and cute as babies, then they grow up and poop all over your yard. 🤭😬😂😂

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