Leftover Photos

These photos never made it into previous uploads so here they are. One photo was taken at Calico Basin a few days ago, the other two are from yesterday on the way home from the park where no bird photos were captured.

Sunshine and 95 hot degrees are forecast for Las Vegas today. Hey, it’s Las Vegas!

In a few days, I’ll be back home in Michigan finally to be with my family, I’m so excited! I’ll be on an antique car tour with dad too which I am very excited about!

12 thoughts on “Leftover Photos

    • Thank you! It will be so wonderful. And kind of weird to be back in Michigan too since I’m used to near-constant sunshine, mountains and palm trees.

    • Hi Leah, thank you times two! I’m excited to fly again and to be back with my family sooo much.

  1. At a minimum, we’ll expect photos of you and Dad in a classic antique automobile. Enjoy your trip and especially time with your family.

    • I must get photos of he and I! He text me this morning and said to bring a warm coat. Well, I have none there days but a sweater under my light jacket should help. It’s cooler than here of course, yet I know what the temps will be like.

    • Thanks so much, it will be great. The sky is usually blue here as it is today with 90F forecast. The summer heat is almost back!

  2. Great big skies in LV, and a pleasure to see in these photos, John. Have a great time with your family in MI.

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