16 thoughts on “My Green Backyard

  1. I love Mexican fan palms! I have literally used one as a fan on a hot day once. It was amazing!

    • Are you from the south? I have two in the backyard, they get pruned every July 15th or so after the stalk that has the seeds on it comes out. Otherwise, you’ve got to keep pulling the tiny palm trees trying to grow. Not fun, they grow so fast!

      • I lived in Texas for a couple years. But as a Third Culture Kid I’m not “from” anywhere! But the Mexican fan palms were a memorable Texas thing for me!

        • Palm trees are beautiful in their many forms. These trees are not native to the Mojave Desert, but they do very well here obviously. And the Date Palms and the Mediterranean Fan palms too of which I have two.

    • There he is! A great pet too, never needs food or water and never complains about the weather. 😂

      • Or when his food is empty, or pee’s in the bathtub, knocks stuff off counter, etc…On the flip side, no purring, chatting with you or cuddling next to you in bed, either so. .

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