Rain And Hail On A Sunny Day

This video was recorded in November 2019 which was a very wet winter. So wet that the west side of my house flooded on the outside between the house and fence. Fences here are block walls by the way. The hail was tapping on the window and the skylight over the dining room. Hail, a little taste of Michigan weather for me. The photos were taken yesterday on another fantastic joyride on another beautiful, sunshiny day in the valley.

12 thoughts on “Rain And Hail On A Sunny Day

  1. Hail is really something! I didn’t know hail until I moved to Calgary though

    • I’m sure there’s plenty of it up there. I’m from Michigan and am too familiar with the major damage it can inflict on cars, homes and humans.

      I associate hail with tornadoes, they seem to go hand in hand. Seeing it here in the middle of the Mojave Desert is a surprise!

      The atmospheric conditions here aren’t capable of producing a tornado.

      • Oh wow! Yeah, Calgary is known as Hailstorm Alley, and in summer of 2020, there was the worst hailstorm ever recorded. I see your point about tornadoes too. I think there might be tornadoes in parts of Alberta (haven’t been here long enough to find out). But I do know Sasketchewan is Tornado Territory!

        • I didn’t know that Calgary is known for hails! Yikes. Bad stuff, I hope you never experience a tornado. I haven’t but did hear one nearby as a child in Michigan. It’s a sound you’ll never forget. A deep roar.

    • Yes, it was so wet! We need a really wet monsoon season this summer. Sunshine and 91 is forecast for today. 😍🌵🌴🔥

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