Summer, 2017

These three iPhone photos were captured in 2017 at my daughter’s wedding reception. I didn’t bring the Nikon on this trip which was a bad choice as I didn’t get many good photos of the reception or bride and groom so I’ll not bore you with those photos.I still don’t know why I didn’t bring the Nikon!

As you can tell in the photos, the sky was threatening rain all day but never followed through. My daughter and hubby are still happily married I’m glad to say! I did my best to clean up these not-so-good photos, a note to me, always bring the Nikon for important events like this!

6 thoughts on “Summer, 2017

  1. But they are beautiful photographs, Blessing and Happiness to you All dear John, Thank you, Love, nia

    • It’s golden isn’t it? There is a legend hidden in this photo. Because of the dark areas of this image, there is a very old home view of Spanish origin that is not visible yet passing over this area in front of the home on a boat still makes me feel strange. The legend says that the butler of this home was in a small boat enjoying some relaxation time when for an unknown the boat capsized and the butler drown. Creepy!

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