Landscapes, Night Lights and Weather

Would you like to live high in the mountains near Mount Charleston? Such a grand view, but the snow and cold are heavy up there in winter. And, it’s a long drive into town for supplies. The rocky photo was taken in Calico Basin, millions of years in the making. The black and white iPhone night photo was snapped a few days ago, and how about that Las Vegas weather forecast? The weather will be nice and toasty while I’m up north in the cool weather!

20 thoughts on “Landscapes, Night Lights and Weather

  1. Would I like to live high in the mountains?… Maybe. I would love to stay for a few days in a cabin there and feel the mountains. The last picture is breathtaking, John!

    • Thanks so much, Kaya! I guess it’s like living down below in the desert. Not for everyone.

    • I’d never move up there, I need doctors and warmer weather. And I’m in Michigan tonight! It’s cool here.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! I go there frequently, try to hike a little too. Cut critters and wonderful birds.

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