You Know You’re In Michigan When

You’re deep in the wood!

Howdy friends, it’s so good to be back home in the warmth of the desert! I return home feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and so blessed! My heart is once again full having hugged my dad and spent so much time with him, my son, and my daughter too. Good food, great laughs, and so much love.

For this trip, I chose to leave the Nikon at home just to save space in my tiny suitcase, hence the photos are not Nikon quality. The landscape photos are better though, I snapped 3G of photos on the Sony RX100 Mark 7 on this trip. I hope you’ll stop by again, I have some great flight photos and videos too.

17 thoughts on “You Know You’re In Michigan When

    • Thanks so much! I twas so wonderful to see my father and babies, long hugs and much to talk about. Love. ❤️ again

  1. Welcome back home, John! I am glad to hear that your trip was refreshing.
    Like these photos very, very much!

  2. Welcome back! You can tell you needed this recharge with your family. So glad to hear you spent so much time with your dad. I’m sure he was ecstatic to see you too. ❤️

    • Hi Valeria, thanks! Yes, we had fun together, I gave dad plenty of hugs. And my son and daughter too! Heart: refilled!

  3. So pleased you finally got to be with you’re family John. Its been a long wait but must have been worth every minute. Welcome back to normal life. We can do the hugging and visiting from Monday.

    • Thank you, Ian! Yes, back to the single life in the desert but it’s good to be back home too. Family love!

    • I agree, the scenery is very much the same if not identical. It’s a very different look compared to the Mojave Desert. Everything is so thick and green! The trees are just now budding out.

    • Thanks, Phebie. Your correct, that camera is seeing too much green, I tried to adjust the green with little success. Just not Nikon quality but I saved tons of space in the tiny suitcase. Some of the iPhone photos I took are actuallt better balanced color wise.

    • Thanks! The Sony RX100 is leaning too much green, tried to ease it back with little success. Not Nikon quality…

    • Hi Derrick, thanks! Was a great trip, so wonderful to see family after more than one year. ❤️

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