Landscapes and Blondie

Here is the next set of photos from my recent trip up north. Blondie is as sweet as ever, sadly, her partner in crime Pepper the German Shepard died recently due to complications in her spine. The German Shepard breed has this structural problem in the hindquarters. I did find Wilson’s little brother in Michigan, it must have taken him many years for him to get so far north! I didn’t bring him back to Las Vegas, Wilson would have liked that.

10 thoughts on “Landscapes and Blondie

  1. John, I am sorry to hear Pepper has passed on. It sounds like the same spinal problem Rick’s family’s German Shepherd had. I am glad to hear you got back up north though.

    • Thanks very much, Lavinia. This hit dad hard, she has slept in the house with him since my mother passed. Blondie is just three years young and in her prime, so she is a positive point for him. It was so wonderful to see dad again and my adult babies! Big smiles and love. Got back last eve, nice to be back in the warm weather, it was only 60 which is cold for me.

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