Bad Axe, Michigan

This charming, sleepy little town in Michigan’s Thumb region was our destination this past Wednesday on a beautiful, sunny but cool Michigan spring day. Cool for me that is, I’m not used to Michigan’s climate anymore. These are iPhone photos, I also had the Sony RX100 along too. I never noticed how flat my home state is until I moved to Nevada which is the most mountainous state in the union behind Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Bad Axe, Michigan

    • Thanks, it’s a beautiful car! Just as nice inside too. If I recall right, my folks used to drive around in a car like this back in the day.

      • My maternal grandfather drove the one I referred to. It was a 2 door. I took my driver license test in that car. The examiner couldn’t believe a 16 year old kid knew how to drive a stick.

        • That’s so fun! Everyone should know how to drive a manual transmission, what if they are in a life or death situation? Dad’s car is a two-door too. He wouldn’t let me drive the car yet I’ve drove big rigs for him for years… Go figure! 🤪

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