Departing DTW for KLAS

I put this post together in a series that shows the departure from Detroit Metro to Las Vegas with several in-flight photos in between. Approaching Mccarran International, you see Lake Mead and how low the water level is if you look closely at the shoreline. This was a good flight sans the dolt behind me that never shuts the hell up.

Which is worse, a non-stop yacker or a screaming baby on an airplane? The landing was very bumpy due to a strong crosswind which I like because it makes the landing more exciting! Las Vegas is notoriously windy anyway.

5 thoughts on “Departing DTW for KLAS

    • Thanks! I’ve missed flying, it’s so fun and exciting. I like the takeoff and landings, always the most dangerous part of flying.

    • Thank you, they are my favorite part of flight regardless of being the most dangerous. i usually get the window seat just for photos and video. It’s not good though when you need to squeeze yourself into those tiny bathrooms! Gotta climb over your seat mates, or have them move.

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