Michigan Trip Photos

I can’t remember who owns the face of the doll, any idea? Something from decades ago I think. The workbench is so messy, definitely not mine! The petrol pump is an old-fashioned gravity feed design and that statue is in a basin that is never used for some reason.

My friend back in Michigan who sends me things I occasionally upload here asked me this morning why I don’t stay longer while I’m up there. That’s a good question that has an answer. My children and father have a life that I don’t want to interfere with. They both have jobs, and my father is busy with his car tours.

And I have a home to live in down here in the desert. At this time I’ve begun searching for a part-time job. The extra cash would be nice and I would like to be more active, perhaps meet some new people too. In life, nothing ever stays the same…

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