Pruning The Palm Trees

Last night I had a good look at my two Sago palms and the Med-Fan in the backyard. The more I looked at them, I decided that they were overdue for pruning. The brown fronds were getting hard and dying off so this morning I hauled the bin to the backyard and got to work. What do you think?

I know, they look very wimpy but the new, bright green fronds are soft and healthy. When they were planted last year, they didn’t do very well because of the shock of moving them from the small wooden crates they were started in, hence they died off a bit.

These new fronds are actually a new chance for them to thrive now that that root systems have established themselves. Like many palm trees, the Sago palm grows very slowly so they will look like this for a while. I also pruned the drooping fronds from the baby Med-Fan palm too. I also added some Moon Juice to both trees.

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