Have you tried Kale? I haven’t, based on what I’ve read about this weed. I love Mandarin oranges, tiny and so sweetly delicious. And deep-fried taters aren’t really good for you but what a good comfort food! Today I have a doctor’s appointment since it’s been far too long due to the virus. I’m overdue for a blood panel so let’s go see what the levels are. It’s the A1C that worries me most being type 2 diabetic. It’s hard to give some food the boot though!

11 thoughts on “Foods

  1. Kale makes great soup. Chop the leaves up (cut them away from the tougher stems first though), Sautee chopped onions, diced peeled potatoes, kale, and then sprinkle a tiny bit of flour on it and stir it around. Add water, salt, and pepper, and let it simmer until the potatoes are cooked through. Add a bit of milk or cream, maybe some beef bouillon for flavour, and it should be good. Sometimes I put it through the blender if I want the soup to be creamy. It’s really good.

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