On A Gusty Day

On many a gusty day in Las Vegas, you will notice that the mountains seem to fade away just a little thanks to the dust storms. Today I received a high wind advisory from my phone’s weather app. These aren’t always issued, so I thought this one would be a zinger and it sure has been.

Getting in and out of the truck can actually be dangerous if the door gets slammed on your hands, arms, or head! That did kind of happen today, but the door smacked my bum instead. Those 50+ mile per hour gusts are making the beautiful mountain views vanish in the haze.

I was on the way to the hospital to see my GP after what turned out to be fifteen months since my last visit and snapped the iPhone photo. Thank you, Covid. I was afraid to go see my doctor, I told him that, he’s heard this music before. It seems that I am in good company with those so fearful of this virus… Why wouldn’t you be??

Both photos are directly from the iPhone 10 sans the watermark and resizing for the blog.

12 thoughts on “On A Gusty Day

  1. Stay safe in that wind. So easy to get a hand in a door. I think the fear of going to a doctor or hospital during the pandemic has been common. Glad you were able to follow up and hope all is well.

    • Thanks, 15 months is way too long. Got a blood draw this morning, get results in a few weeks. The wind has almost stopped this morning, that was a really powerful windstorm!

    • Agreed, sitting int backyard tonight, I felt like the dead palm fronds may crush my skull! They all get pruned mid-July this year.

  2. During 2020 we did video calls with our GP, and I did with my pulmonologist as well. We have what we need to check vitals at home. Finally went in person to GP in April, fully vaccinated. Glad you got your appt done.

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