Remembering 2017

Happy weekend to you, I’ve selected some not-so-good photos from the summer of 2017 in Michigan for this morning. I love the egg bunny that my mother found but it has mysteriously vanished. And I believe I know who took it! The little downtown scene is an iPhone photo and it’s obvious, look at the truck. This is downtown Clarkston, a nice little town with good memories. That little pillow is my mother’s creation, she was so talented!

11 thoughts on “Remembering 2017

    • Yep, that hgappens often when I try using an iPhone like a Nikon… Phone cams have a long way to go still to catch up with the real thing!

    • Thanks, Anneli, mom loved her grand babies so very much! Not long after she passed, my niece’s then little girl told her mom that grandma came to her and spoke to her… I believe it. 🙏🏻❤️✝️

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