A Lovely Afternoon

Today has been a beautiful day from the morning through almost six PM with temperatures in the low 80s. Those 90s will return this Wednesday and stay up there through the week. It’s only a matter of time before those 100s make an appearance! I’ve been trying the Story thing on Instagram and made two videos to go up there, but they didn’t get posted. Is it worth it? If someone wants to view them on my private account, I can upload them as usual.

Are you an Instagramer?

9 thoughts on “A Lovely Afternoon

  1. Those temperature’s make me sick! We’re having the most miserable, chilly month of may. Drab gray sky. Even had the heating on its crazy!

  2. I am not on Instagram. As it is, I get way to involved and am working on slowing that down. Plus, there are a lot of people on there, I just don’t care about.

    • I understand. I use WP and IG, that’s it. FB sucks, never used it because of the many bad things I have seen happen to people there. It’s bad enough that FB now owns IG!

  3. I have an instagram account but haven’t posted yet . . . waiting until we make some computer changes and I learn more about it and everything’s moving slowly here. I’d like to watch the videos, I don’t know anything about the Story part of IG though.

    • I tried it again yesterday, seems a bit silly to me. IG is easy to use once you figure how it works, they make changes to the interface once in a while which I find irritating. I’ll try to help you if I can. My account is private so you’d have to be approved by me first…

    • I think he got bored with hanging around the lawn chair with me, so he set out on a mission! Funny thing, I post most of my photography on Instagram too. I follow some people here on WP on IG as well, just now a follower was commenting on Wilson over there. Life is weird…

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