Hoover Dam and Shadow Birds

That and some rather evil-looking graffiti too, who the heck draws stuff like that and on the public property too? These are again older photos. Honestly, I’m not too motivated today except for heading to the grocer for ingredients to make another pot of chili. A nice day to chill in the backyard later when it warms up a bit.🌴

16 thoughts on “Hoover Dam and Shadow Birds

    • Thank you, K! Nice pun, It’s a cyclops but what is the reason or purpose for the other symbols? Weird!

  1. Sorry, I got my dams mixed up. Chief Joseph is near Bridgeport in Washington (on the Columbia River), but the other one which I called Roosevelt is not the one I meant. It was Grand Coulee Dam, also in Washington, and where the dam backed up the Columbia River, and made a lake, it is called Lake Roosevelt. (The Roosevelt Dam is in Arizona, and I haven’t seen that one.)

    • I have heard those names before but not seen them. I did cross the Columbia River years ago when driving my niece’s van to Vancouver, BC. Funny how you can remember things like that but not two days ago…

    • Vandals indeed, some folks try to call this crap art but it just doesn’t make it that far. Have you visited the dam? Photos can’t do it any justice. Stand atop the dam and look down that wall, it’ll make you dizzy!

      • Never been there, which is why I appreciate the pics. I’ve been to Chief Joseph dam and the Roosevelt Dam and our own Peace River Dam, but not the Hoover Dam.

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