14 thoughts on “Liquor and Shotgun Shells

  1. Love this old automobile! It’s probably a lot of fun driving it. Sorry, don’t know much about guns but I agree it’s better not to mix alcohol with guns.

    • Thanks, Kaya. I used to own a couple guns but sold them before I moved to Nevada. I’ll call Metro if I need a gun haha!

    • Never! I held a concealed carry license a few years ago up there, they taught us many good things!

      • I’ve had an Indiana lifetime license to carry hand gun for decades now. Indiana license is silent on open vs concealed carry.

        • That’s good. That sets an alarm off for me, why the silence? Nevada is an open-carry state, once in a long while I’ve seen people with a .45 or maybe a .40 in a holster. Those are the folks I don’t worry about…

          • No need for an alarm. The “silence” simply means if you have your license to carry handgun you may open or conceal carry, your choice. No different license needed. This is looser than a lot of states.

  2. I see that the bottle of Dekuyper’s Peppermint gin is strategically placed to cover two letters of the sign behind it and now it says, instead of “Pontiac Service” – “Pontiac s vice.” Very fitting.

    • You’ve got a good eye, Annel, I didn’t notice that. But never mix alcohol with guns! That’s what my instructor told me when I took the CCW class years ago. There’s a 12 gauge shotgun just out of frame, boom!

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