Rest In Peace, Pepper

My dad’s favorite dog Pepper died a few weeks ago. It was and is still difficult for him to let go of her as she’s been with him since my mother passed. Life is wonderful, life is sometimes the searing pain of losses. The palm photos are from yesterday afternoon, today’s forecast is sunshine and 86 warm degrees, perfect.

24 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Pepper

  1. John, I lost two dogs. Unfortunately, they don’t live a long time. Your dad is going right now through incredibly difficult time but this beautiful lovely dog was so lucky to have a family that loved and took care of her. Our dogs don’t die, they always live in our memories. I am sending a warm hug to your father!!!

  2. I am so sad to hear this dear John, it is always so sad to lose one of our fur friends… Pepper was an adorable friend. Hugs and Love to your Dad, Love, nia

  3. Grieving for his loss is healthy, natural, normal, and inevitable for part of his support system when your mother passed. Our furfriends are family, and they are known to mourn us as well, when we die before they do: They know, they miss us, too. Hugs for your father while he adjusts to the loss of his dog.

  4. A dog is part of the family. Ours was. We had her 17 years. Best wishes to your dad at a very difficult time.

  5. Ugh. Sorry to hear this. Our pets can be the most important relationships to us because they are so close to our hearts. Hope your dad finds some peace during this rough time. 🐾 ❤️

  6. So sorry to hear that John. Losing a dog is not easy… I speak out of experience. I wich your father a lot of strenght.

    • Thanks very much, Leah. Dad will be fine, she was his companion in the house every night sleeping on the floor at night. This breed has the hind quarters joint problem when they get old, she had serious complications.

  7. It’s so hard to lose our pets. We went through that in October with Ruby, our springer spaniel. They don’t live long enough. I’m sorry for your dad’s loss. It will take some time to get over.

    • Than k you, Anneli. He’s a tough guy and will be fine. He’s never one to show emotion, I think it’s because he’s ‘old school’ in some way. She was a gentle soul, not the fierce fighter that she looked and sounded like. ❤️

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