The Moon Sun

Here’s a photo from well after dark last night in the backyard. A much better photo than I thought it would be. On a different subject, I’ve been trying to change my medical plan and it’s been hell. First, I’ve missed the open enrollment period and am locked down to the highly overpriced plan I have now.

I signed up with a different company but still must wait for the enrollment period to come around – I’ve been saying for a long time that the States needs to dump this shitty, broken system in favor of the system that Canada and the United Kingdom are using… Almost anything would be better for everyone.

14 thoughts on “The Moon Sun

  1. I’m sorry about your healthcare situation. I do agree the infrastructure needs an overhaul, but keep in mind even government healthcare systems aren’t perfect either

  2. I’m sorry to disagree with you, John. In Canada you wait and wait and wait. Sometimes I think they’re hoping people will die first so the wait list isn’t so long. When you get your turn, they’re good to you. The doctors are great, and it’s not their fault everything takes so long, but socialized medicine is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    • That’s OK, Annelli. I hope that you are wrong about waiting for folks to die.

      I’m so tired of paying several hundred dollars per month for just me, it’s ludicrous.

      And I’m not in too good of shape for a guy my age either. Waiting sounds like a better deal unless it’s critical of course!

    • Is it! I’m sorry to hear this, Vinny. This system is in my opinion, so broken that it needs to be tossed in the bin! Can you fork over several hundred dollars or pounds per month for health care? Maybe better to go without and take your chances…

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