28 thoughts on “Pretty Boulders

  1. I love them, a few years ago my Son gave me something like that, I keep it in the city home. Right now I am looking for some stones for a nice project, I hope I can find them. Thank you, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

    • Thanks, they are large and must weigh hundred of pounds each. How they got them on the second level I don’t know. 😎

    • Hi Cher, thanks so much! These rocks are in Downtown Summerlin, a shopping and business area with lots of photo opportunities. 😎🌴

        • Thanks Cher, it’s a nice place to just walk and have a bite or do some shopping too. My ex loved the Victoria’s Secret store there… Too expensive!

    • Thanks Derrick, they are quite large, I bet you could pour some milk and cereal in one of them. They are on the upper level, I’d like to know how they were lifted up there.

    • Thanks, they were moved to this location last year. I would like to see how they were moved as they are huge!

    • Nope, they are actually shiny when you actually look at them, the processing made them look a bit more shiny. ❀️

      • Sorry, in situ means you found or collected the specimen in its natural place, not a store. (old geology terms are hard to drop πŸ˜‰ πŸͺ¨ )

        • Thanks for explaining this, no wonder I didn’t understand it! These huge rocks were moved last year, I’d love to see how they were moved as they are huge!

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