Ready For Pruning

As you can see from the photos, my two Mexican Fan Palms are very much ready for pruning. It will be a while though as the company won’t be here until July 19th to do the work. The stalk that produces the seeds and flowers is already visible on both trees too which is just a bit earlier than last year.

The tiny black seeds that drop are very quick to grow too and have to be pulled up to stop a new crop of trees from sprouting up around the parent tree. A few days ago, I pruned the Sago Palms of their brown and dying fronds, leaving the fresh green fronds to grow as good as possible.

This is what I like about having a small home and backyard, the home is so easy to care for!

4 thoughts on “Ready For Pruning

    • These companies are super busy this time of year. The palms in HOA’s must be pruned or the owner will eventually be fined. Palms located at businesses and other places will need this too so it’s big business! If I could still climb I might apply for the job!

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