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Several weeks ago, my Instagram account was hacked via an application that I downloaded to my iPad. In order to use this third-party application, you must enter your credentials into the app to begin using it. And that is exactly the reason why my account was hacked, the unscrupulous pieces of poop that build these applications use them to steal anything they can from innocent, unsuspecting folks like I was at the time.

Since then, I have not used any third-party application to find out who is following my account only to unfollow. Honestly, this is a shitty game that people play every day on Instagram which is why my account has always been private. I have since recovered the account, and it wasn’t easy to do either. You can safely say that I have plenty of skin in the Instagram game as I have nearly 9,000 posts.

That number was achieved over the last three years, there are other accounts that have far more than 9,000. I guess I’m sharing this stuff because I find it so disgusting that a needed tool for the platform is now unobtainable because of crooked assholes. And why Instagram itself does not offer a safe version of this tool is beyond me. Perhaps it’s because a few years ago, that evil Facebook purchased Instagram.

At that time, the ads began flooding into the service and have taken away some of the enjoyment that IG used to have before the ads began polluting the platform.  Do you use Instagram? If you do, have you had similar experiences? I would love to find an application to track the stupid unfollowers that are actually safe to use!

15 thoughts on “Follow to Unfollow

  1. I don’t use third party applications! I actually wish I didn’t have to use it sometimes. At least I gave up Facebook. I gave up on having personal social media pages too. Too much toxicity

    • Thanks Tim, it took two days for me to recover the account. If I had just a few uploads there I may have just let it go, walk away but with so many uploads it was worth it to recover the account.

  2. Thanks, that’s hours of wear and tear on my eyeballs! My biz plan runs perfectly, I do like using plugins again. I had two self-hosted blogs years ago on WP. Maybe ten years ago? Not sure…

  3. I don’t use any of those programs for those and other reasons. I used to use twitter and facebook but I am like a little shadow on there now. Anyway, if I said anything, I’d probably be censored, so I don’t bother with them. I find it disgusting that they have those apps monitored to see if they like what you say and then, if you get their stamp of approval, it’s okay to say it. No thanks! They can go take a hike.

    • I had to laugh at your comment, Anneli, but only because I agree with you! Instagram is a mini Facebook in some ways, I’ve never used that damn FB. A hive of socialist pigs. I find that uploading my photography never triggers the eyes that are watching you. I guess it’s pretty tame stuff eh? If I said what I really want to say in some of the comments though, I’d be banned. I wish we could block people on WP as easily as we can on IG…

      • I don’t own a business and got it. It has been quite a while, but it should still be the same. I often just sign up for business plans if I can to get more anylitics. Hope that helps! 😊📸

        • OK, thanks. I may have a look at this. Since I’m not going to download another Follow/Unfollow app I went through my followers today and found 30 that had unfollowed me. It’s hard to fo without an app but much safer. I have over 8000 posts there, and bearing 6000 posts on this website…

          • Wow, that is an extremely impressive amount of posts! When I went through it the business account it was no hassle at all, I just entered my Gmail and it was all completely free. Hope that it works for you! 😊

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