Birds at The Park

As I mentioned earlier, there weren’t many birds to photograph this visit to Floyd Lamb Par. Mostly plenty of Canadian Geese, a few Coots, and maybe one stray Gosling? As promised by the NWS, it’s 95 degrees now… ๐Ÿ”ฅ

It’s a Canadian invasion!

17 thoughts on “Birds at The Park

  1. Guess they decided not to migrate back. Can’t think why. It’s nice here

      • There are actually a lot of geese where I am. But there’s always some that decide not to migrate in either the spring or fall

        • I’ll bet you are right! I don’t know where you are, not asking you to tell everyone of course.

    • Oh yeah, I’ve actually heard the geese flying over my house after dark, I didn’t know they can navigate at night too. I think the baby is a gosling that got lost.

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