Hiding In a Desktop Folder

This is all that’s left on my desktop this morning for the blog, sorry there’s nothing more than my backyard to upload! Our weather is really heating up, it’ll be 95 today and by next week the 100s will return. I enjoy sitting outside after dark in the 90-degree air which feels cooler after the 100-degree heat. Would you care to join me?

Let’s talk about Instagram again – following up on my post about Instagram users following then unfollowing people which is so damn stupid by the way. Yesterday afternoon I settled in on the couch and dug through over three hundred people I was following and discovered thirty accounts that had unfollowed my account.

Thirty, that’s a lot of dirty people. And plenty of strain on my eyeballs too but I got this done without downloading an application that will steal my password and hack my account. Jerks! I’ve decided that I will check each account I follow going forward by checking their Following list. Pain in the ass, right! 😂 This is, after all, an avocation…

6 thoughts on “Hiding In a Desktop Folder

  1. Instagram can definitely be a pain! That’s why I only use it for my blog and don’t have a personal one anymore

  2. I read your other post. o sorry to hear about this problem… I realy hope that it can be fixed soon and that you can find the real cause.

    • It’s no big deal really, I’m just blowing of what little steam there is! Sometimes it just feels good to gripe… 😂

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