It’s Called Pop!

Not soda as these southwest folks call it. It almost makes me cringe to hear pop called soda. I grew up drinking Vernor’s and Faygo Pop, not Faygo soda or Vernor’s soda! It’s a midwest dialect word not unlike calling a creek a crick. Or, a window a windah. What can I say, man, I am who I am! I have to go pop some fronds off my tree now…

21 thoughts on “It’s Called Pop!

  1. I grew up in rural Canada and it is definitely pop there. If you were to ask for a soda I’m not sure folks would even get what you are talking about.

    • Thanks for the information! I’m finding that the word Pop is used much more in the northern states and of course the Canadian provinces. I apparently live among the Soda Heads!

    • My daughter calls me Pops sometimes. I’m an old dude these days I guess, but a can of Faygo and Vernor’s will always be a delicious Pop. My recent trip to Michigan had me enjoying a few Vernor’s pops! 😊❤️

  2. My Dad used to say ‘pop.’ I did to until peer pressure came into play. Now, unless I am calling it by name, like Pepsi, Fanta or Hires, I say ‘soda pop.’ Self defense, man, self defense!

    • I still call it pop, soda pop or soda just isn’t right! Several people here have asked me if I’m from the Midwest, yep!

  3. We call it pop, but I guess, like many things, different regions have their own names for things. I asked for barbecued chicken at a Safeway in Washington State one time. They didn’t know what I was talking about. Finally the clerk said, “OH, you mean ROTISSERIE chicken.” Okay, same thing. But I was the guest so I had to learn to ask for it their way. Fair enough. (In Canada, it’s BBQ chicken.)

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